You cannot get pregnant?

The time has come when we need to make efforts in other to get what previously we got easily and without efforts. This is applicable to the problem of sterility too. The cause of it might be physiological changes which appear in the males' bodies in 60% and in the females' bodies in 40% of cases.

In 2010 the experts from the World Health Organization counted about fifty million couples all over the world who could not conceive a child after having been trying for five years.

And here we might find the reason…
The humanity exists due to the fact that people keep reproducing the human species.
If this process stops we shall become extinct.
So it turns out that the matter of human reproduction is one of the most vital problems. But we still know very little about this matter or so it looks. And that is why on the Earth there are millions absolutely healthy married couples who want to have children but in vain. And this is so not because of some disease but because of the nature of their biorhythms.

All living beings have biorhythms: hourly, daily, monthly, annual...
Biorhythms are apparent everywhere, including the reproduction of the sexual cells and the production of the sex hormones, not only female but male ones too.

There are two biorhythms in female bodies and there are certain phases of these biorhythms during which women are able to conceive.
It is possible to calculate these days and recommend women to use these data. But there is no single biorhythm on the basis of which it is possible to reach absolute success in getting pregnant. Each of the biorhythms has its own percentage of efficiency. Thus to improve the result it is advisable to choose those days when several biorhythms are synchronous.

It became evident that some women are only able to get pregnant during a few days in a year. And if husband and wife do not know what days these are exactly they may be barren for many years no matter how hard they try to have children.

The biorhythm of the Period is known to everybody as well as the Ovulation period during which a woman can get pregnant and which is calculated on the basis of this biorhythm.
But along with it there exists a second biorhythm of Lunar days when the ability of women to conceive is three times higher than during the Ovulation period. Most often these do not coincide. Lunar biorhythm is strictly regular and since it is governed by the Moon and to change it's duration is impossible.
The Moon affects not only tides in the seas and oceans but it also exerts influence on the process of ovule impregnation and its implantation into the uterus mucous membrane.
Few people know about it and take this biorhythm into account thus staying sterile.
Lunar days often does not coincide with Ovulation period. But it is the coincidence of the Ovulation period and favourable Lunar days that brings about the sharp increase in the ability to conceive.

Not all women are aware of the fact that if Lunar days coincide with Menstrual days there still exist a possibility of getting pregnant if an intercourse takes place during those days without any means of protection. And this pregnancy may not be welcome. So this combination of biorhythms should be calculated to prevent possible abortions which are harmful to health.

If a woman does not experience any stresses, is not overworked, lives in an ecologically friendly environment and takes care of her health her Ovular cycle coincides with the Lunar cycle and such calculations are not needed because when the two cycles are synchronous a woman almost always gets pregnant.
But nowadays the two cycles are most often not synchronous and it needs calculations and correction.
All this concerns women's biorhythms.





But the fact is that men also possess biorhythms which improve their ability to impregnate.

The data shown by sperm tests of some men are not very good. But it is not always because of a disease. The quality of the sperm also depends on certain male Lunar biorhythms. It is possible to calculate these biorhythms and recommend the days when the quality of the sperm improves considerably.

In addressing the problem of infertility, it is important not to rely only female biorhythms, but also men's biorhythm. This should be done for several reasons.
Firstly, the number of cases of male infertility is increasing steadily year by year. It is therefore important to know which days of the month the best quality sperm.
Second, the percentage of the number of sperm with the X- and Y-chromosomes is directly dependent on the men's biorhythms. And in the case of planning sex of the child, this factor is very important.

If a healthy couple takes into consideration a calculation of these three biorhythms they will have all the chances to dive birth to a baby.

All endocrine glands are inside the human body except for the testicles which are outside. Mother nature made it so for a purpose. It appears the process of the male sex cells reproduction goes on better if the temperature of the testicles is 3-5 degrees lower than that of the body.

When a men wears tightly fitting trunks the testicles are pressed against the body and their temperature is the same and even higher than that of the body due to the green house effect. The greenhouse effect may also cause an unpleasant smell, mouldiness and a favourable habitat for bacteria and fungi growth. As a result the quality of the sperm deteriorates and the quantity of the male hormone testosterone decreases. This may lead to infertility which has doubled during the last thirty years.

The main cause of the male sterility is the overheating of testicles which starts in infancy with the diapers and continues with clinging underwear.

In order to improve the reproduction of the male sexual cells and hormone testosterone doctors recommend to wear specially designed pants where the scrotum is placed in a special "pocket" and has no contact with the body.

And I suppose that there are a lot more people concerned about safe sex without using not very harmless contraceptives. Abortions must be an exception made according to medical reasons and not because of an error in the ovular days calculations. It is possible to calculate and recommend the so-called "safe days" when a woman will not get pregnant even without using contraceptives.

Besides some married couple would like to have a child of a certain sex. This also may be calculated before conception.







At the end of this year the Internet Shop Apple Store will start selling iPhone and iPad versions enabling users to calculate these biorhythms.
The first version of this application titled "Infertility low or case" contains three kinds of calculation:
- that of the safe days for natural prevention of pregnancy (abortion prevention);
- that of the calendar of the days favourable for conception (in case of certain types of infertility);
- that of the calendar of the days favourable for conceiving a child of a certain sex.

The necessary data for women are:
- the date;
- the hour;
- the time zone of the birthplace;
- the graph of the three last menstrual cycles.

The men it only is necessary to provide the information on the date, the hour and time zone of the birthplace.
Male biorhythms are taken into consideration only when calculating fertility days and the days influencing the sex of the future child.

In the first type of calculations there will be recommended those days of safety during which the sexual act will not lead to pregnancy even without use of any methods of protection. This is a reliable method of abortions protection.
This calculation is useful almost all the girls and women of childbearing age.

In the second type of calculation there will be shown the days which are favourable for conception in some forms of infertility, also taking into account men's biorhythms. In these calculations an analysis of the best combinations of Ovulatory and Lunar days of women with Lunar days of men are carried out.

In the third type of calculations there will be listed those days which should be used for conception of the child of a certain gender.

Besides the results these calculations will be used for giving the couples recommendations on the technique of sexual intercourse and on the mode of life because these increase the efficiency of the calculations greatly. If the biorhythms of men and women do not coincide some recommendation allowing to synchronize all the three biorhythms are provided.

The applications also make it possible to register the dates of the period, their intensity, basal body temperature, days of intercourse, the state of health in general.

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